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Glass Buildings

Rodrigo Tamariz

Festival artistic supervision of video art and video mapping of Castile-leon (Spain)

Director of the mentor program that is applied to performing arts and teaches new technologies

NGO Cultural Collaboration Activity "Sonrisas de Elefante" Members of the European Cultural Program and Co-Founder

Featured activities: GIRA CHIHUAHUA and CIUDADJUÁREZINTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 2011 exhibition space award for best work (Associate Producer) selected for the "Spanish Youth Composition Award" DANZATORIA "show in 1998


2012 Best Picture Award (Associate Producer) Uruguay Theater for the Journey to the Center of the Earth - (National Awards FLORENCIO TEATRO INFANTIL)

2015 Best music production for a trip to the center of the earth Nominations for the Uruguayan Theater (National Awards FLORENCIO TEATRO INFANTIL)

2015 Interculture movie Cinema Ecuador - Award to advertise WAORANI GUARDIANAS DE LA AMAZONIA - 2015 UNESCO prevents - Warrani · Guardianas de la Amazonia prevention - respect

2015 Best Work Award (as Associate Producer) Uruguay Theater THELUCIÉ RNA GASPLACE - (FLORENCIO TEATRO INFANTIL NATIONAL PRIZES)

2017 Cultural heritage Selected cultural programming for Europe in 2018 was chosen.

Hernan Gomez

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When I was young, I learned taekwondo and trained my mind and body. When I was a teenager, I started dancing tango. educated in a school accredited by the Argentine government and obtained a certificate as a tango dancer. After that, he acted as a tango teacher in Buenos Aires. After emigrating to New York in

USA In the year 2000, I met the current dance partner and life partner Maki Fujita. After that, together with his wife, they concentrated on the training of Argentine tango dancers at the Tango Fever Studios in New York. In 2004, he moved to Japan. Kumamoto In 2007, we gathered young local dancers in Argentina Buenos Aires and performed the performance of Tango Fever Company. Immediately after the Great Earthquake of 2011, he acted as a delegate professor at Tokyo Tango City. In 2014, he taught in Spain, Portugal and Singapore, expanding the circle of orientation and activities to the world. In the same year, in November, Kumamoto's presentation of Shinjuku Kumamoto's "Mi Seishun no Moulin Rouge" in Kumamoto, February 2015, will showcase the Argentine tango at the Tokyo presentation. Workshop to be held in New York and May 2015.

2017 Start taking visual mapping art classes

2018 take master classes with the teacher Rodrigo Tamariz.

2018 first mapping project in the hotel honey park in kumamoto japon

2018 second projection and design of mapping in the theater harmony center of kumamoto japon for ballet dancers.

1. What is projection mapping and art visual for stage? You can use projection mapping and art visual as a back drop. We project any image, still photos or videos , you want to the screen. You can also use projection mapping from front to create magical atmosphere. 2. Why is it good? You can change the scenery in a second with the music. You can use any kind of image you wish. It will cost less than have many back drops. 


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